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Hem Thakker, a distinguished entrepreneur and fervent advocate for the Gujarati community, traces his roots to the vibrant tapestry of Gujarati culture. Standing at a height of 5’6”, Hem's stature transcends the realm of mere business; he is a versatile individual propelled by a relentless pursuit of excellence, deeply ingrained family values, and a forward-looking vision.

Hailing from a lineage deeply intertwined with healthcare, Hem is the offspring of Dr. Ketan Thakkar, a devoted Critical Care Specialist, and Dr. Rajeshwari Thakkar, a seasoned professional in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Growing up amidst an environment centered around healthcare and wellness, Hem imbibed a profound sense of duty towards the welfare of others.

Bridging his rich cultural heritage with a contemporary entrepreneurial flair, Hem aspires to a life anchored in resilient familial ties, transcending societal divides of caste and creed. In a dynamic landscape encompassing luxury automotive ventures, life-saving exports, and pioneering ventures in venture capital, Hem Thakker emerges as an emblem of success, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation in his remarkable journey.



His thirst for knowledge led him to achieve a BBA and a MBA in Marketing. His academic ambitions extend to pursuing law in the near future.

CBSE Board

Hem's educational journey began at The Heritage School, a distinguished boarding school in Pune affiliated with the CBSE Board.

Professional Ventures

H. T. Automobile India

A prominent player in the import of Luxury Cars, Sport Cars, Super Cars, and Hyper Cars from around the world.

Max Surgicals India

A commendable initiative focused on exporting life-saving equipment made in India to countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, and more.

Serra Venture Capitals Global

Demonstrating his prowess in venture capital, Hem is steering Serra towards new heights in the global market.

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